Life Coaching/Mentoring

General Life Coaching 

A number of my students and clients have asked me to offer this option. Please contact me directly to discuss your situation and together, we can decide if I can be of assistance to you.


Personalized Coaching and Mentoring for Yoga, Mind-Body, and Fitness Teachers:

I’ve been teaching Yoga, Pilates, and mindful fitness classes in New York City and beyond since 2008. I’ve appeared on television and written for print and online media, including Good Morning America, Good Day New York, The Dr. Steve Show, and New York Yoga Life Magazine.For years, my colleagues and fellow teachers have been seeking me out for guidance. I’m now making this offering selectively available to a limited number of clients. 

Perfect for those who are:

Desire customized guidance along your teaching career and path at any stage. (I don’t do cookie cutter, ya’ll!)

Considering a teaching path and in the process of selecting a training

Fresh out of teacher training

Getting back into the swing of teaching

Looking to ace an audition/get the job

Want customized, targeted guidance above and beyond what is available in teacher trainings

Are personal/private trainers looking to develop the stretching, mind-body, and/or core strengthening components of clients’ workouts

Desire help in putting together sequences, combinations, themed classes and sessions, etc

We can work together in person, via phone, email, and/or video

Contact for rates and details.

Mind-Body Retreat Consultancy:

I’ve been hosting sold out mind-body getaways since 2009. Running a yoga or fitness retreat can look easy, yet it’s detailed, intense, fulfilling, and unique work. Set yourself up for success before entering this competitive space.

Perfect for those who:

Want to host a mind-body retreat but aren’t sure how to get started

Rate starts at $500 per hour

We can work together in person, via phone, email, and/or video

Contact for details

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