Private Sessions

Customized  private or small group yoga and mindful movement sessions are a wonderful way to learn and refine the basics, deepen your practice and understanding of mindful movement and yoga.

Session benefits include:

  • Safe hands on adjustments to create a better understanding of the your individual alignment and how to attain comfort of being.
  • An opportunity to dissect and experience different movement principles and postures from all angles and modes of learning.
  • Different options available for transitioning into and out of postures, and how these asanas and transitions can be safely advanced over time.
  • Customized use of props (when available), to boost and tailor your practice.
  • An understanding of proper ways to prepare for different asanas, and how to counter these postures through balanced sequencing.
  • A set sequence or routine for working with specific intentions and asanas in a home practice, so that you can easily incoporate yoga and other mindful movement forms such as Pilates, into your day-to-day life, take it with you when you travel, and even share it with someone you care about.

Use the contact form below or email me at briayoga4soul at gmail dot com for more info

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