Hi guys,

Over the years, a lot of you have asked me for recommendations for specific products I use. Or we’ve chatted about something I recommend, and you’ve asked me for the link.

Here’s the good stuff here. I’ve personally used every single hand-picked item on this page. If you have any questions for me, do feel free to reach out. Enjoy!

In light,


This is the aromatherapy gel I often use in class. Students love it and always ask about it. It is both heating and cooling, soothing to muscles and helps the body and breath to open up.

Hey guys, I use Yoga Body Stretch to maintain and even improve range of motion in my body. Sometimes I  feel a bit of an energy boost after taking it. A professional dancer friend of mine recommended it to me. I was skeptical at first. But I find it really works to help me maintain and “get back” range of motion and yoga poses I thought I’d lost.

Here’s a great starter kit for nostril cleansing. I find I breathe more clearly, rarely get congested, and experience a better sense of smell when I am on point with my neti pot regimen.

I like a thicker yoga mat these days. Jade’s a great brand. Nice and sticky, non-slippery, and it feels really supportive.

Wai Lana mats are good starter mats, especially if you’re just testing the yoga waters.

My favorite bolster. Bring restorative postures home.

A tongue scraper is a fabulous detox tool. I scrape my tongue every morning. Over time, this can even lead to fresher breath.

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