Class Schedule

Teaching Notes:

Public Mindful Movement Classes in NYC:

Mondays 7:15 AM at YogaWorks Eastside, Pilates Mat

Tuesdays 7 AM NYSC 145th, Vinyasa Yoga

Wednesdays 7:15 AM at YogaWorks Eastside, Pilates Mat

Thursdays 7 AM at NYSC 145th, Vinyasa Yoga

Fridays 7:15 AM at YogaWorks Eastside, Yoga Fusion


I’m currently teaching often at other YogaWorks locations and NYHRC, too. Follow me on social media @BriasWorldYoga for updates on where and when I’m subbing !

In September 2014, I returned from India and Thailand and have since been leading workshops and retreats in New York City, and globally.

Please refer to the Workshops and Getaways/Retreats pages.

I am also available for private, corporate, and/or group lessons and to create customized mind-body getaways for your group. Use the contact page to reach me.


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