Words of praise. . .They said it, I didn’t. . .

“When your doctor and dentist both comment within the same month that you look better than you have in a decade, it is rewarding to give them a one-word explanation: Yoga! Bria is a gifted instructor/food enthusiast who keeps it Zen and keeps it real. She’ll help make classes as intense or chilled as you’re prepared to accept.”

J.D., Forest Hills

“Bria Tavakoli is hands down the best yoga instructor I have ever had. Beginning my yoga journey almost a year ago,I have had the opportunity to work with at least two dozen instructors. Bria’s easy to understand instruction,  matched up with her adroit sense of physiology with her own own acute sense of self , makes for a truly addictive, can’t miss class. I often joke with friends  that since I’ve began yoga with Bria, I no longer need therapy. Bria, in a very non condescending, but  in a gentle, strong, and loving way,  mixes up the practice with a non preachy, positive spiritual element. And to top it all off,  I get my sweat on-my endorphins, along with the reduction in pants size thank her very much!”

C.G., Manhattan

“Thank you for always being so open and honest in your classes, because I find that it is completely necessary in teaching. You may not know it, but you have been a mentor to me.”

Ashley, Manhattan (now a teacher herself 😉  )

“I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to your class!”

Will, Manhattan

“Bria has a gift. I do not have the average yogi shaped body. I am middle aged with all the issues that comes with the territory. But when I walk into Bria’s class she never makes me feel different. In fact, I feel welcome and empowered and able to do things far beyond my expectation. So here’s to you. Namaste!”

Frances, Bronx

“My blood pressure is under control since I started class with you a little over a year ago.”

L.O., Manhattan

“Bria, you are one of my favorite teachers ever! You are so good at interjecting a little fun wisdom in your classes. Love you and your classes, keep doing what you do best!”

Alicia, Manhattan

“I am much stronger now than I was when I first came to Bria’s yoga classes.  I had discovered I have auto-immune disease and was concerned about my mental and physical state of the medication I take daily. I was physically very weak and did not take an active interest in strengthening in the months after diagnosis because I was so depressed. I also had a very difficult time calming my mind during this time.  I decided to try yoga and give it a whirl.  I cannot explain or express how HAPPY I am to have tried the class with Bria and continue to do so.  She not only encouraged me to try harder and made me believe I can be mentally and physically stronger by practicing yoga.  I have learned to take time to breathe, relax and enjoy life.  In addition, I have maintained my weight and my mental state has improved on healthy positive thoughts then negative ones.  My body is in completely in 150% better shape than ever before.  I see muscles and definition I never knew I had. My auto-immune disease has slowed down and I look forward to remission soon.  Thanks Bria for your support and positive attitude.”

Dina, Manhattan

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