Retreat Testimonials

Group shot from fall 2013 upstate retreat.

Group shot from fall 2013 upstate retreat.

In their own words…

“This was my first yoga retreat. It was more than I ever expected. The food, the workouts, but most of all, the people!! Thank you all for making this such a wonderful experience. Leaders, you were so gentle and inspirational. It is hard to express how much I appreciated you.”


Judy, Connecticut/attended a weekend getaway in Upstate New York

“I haven’t ever said the words phenomenal, beautiful, wonderful, amazing, and gorgeous as much as i have these past few days. And I have a great life, so that says a lot.”

BK, NYC/attended a St. Lucia getaway
“From the moment I got here, I just felt the stress melt away. I’d stay forever if I could. “

Michelle, NYC/attended a St. Lucia getaway
“Yoga classes have been awesome. You guys are so creative, and I always learn something new and interesting. “

Julie, dance instructor and performer, NYC/attended a St. Lucia getaway

Join us! Book St Lucia in 2015 via Charlie’s secure booking page here. 


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